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Stearns & Foster Pillow Top

Stearns & Foster Pillow Top

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Full Size Mattresses measure 56 inches by 75 inches and are better suited for teenagers and single adults. Full size beds offer more room for sleepers and weigh about 50 to 60 pounds.


Queen Size Mattresses measure 60 inches by 80 inches and are most popular among single adults living on their own. Queen mattresses give plenty of space for single sleepers and are good options for couples with limited room space. Queen beds weigh between 120 to 160 pounds.


King Size Mattresses measure 76 inches by 80 inches and are the largest mattress size available. King mattresses are perfect for couples, offering 38 inches of personal space. King beds weigh between 130 to 180 pounds.

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Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Support with Our Innovative Mattress:

Discover the Exceptional Benefits of Our Intellicoil® Innersprings Enhanced by PrecisionEdge™ Support:

  • Elevate Your Sleep Experience: Our Intellicoil® Innersprings, paired with PrecisionEdge™ Support, provide a level of support tailored to your unique needs, ensuring ultimate comfort and restful sleep.

Indulge in Luxurious Comfort with Tempur Indulge™ Memory Foam Comfort Layers:

  • Crafted by Sleep Experts: Our Tempur Indulge™ Memory Foam Comfort Layers, expertly designed by Tempur-Pedic®, contour to your body's curves, delivering unparalleled pressure relief, comfort, and support throughout the night.

Enjoy Eco-Friendly Elegance with Our Sustainably-Sourced TENCEL® Cover:

  • A Beautiful and Sustainable Choice: Our mattress features a TENCEL® cover made from moisture-wicking, sustainably-sourced fibers. Its exquisite softness and silky feel enhance the aesthetics of your bed, promoting eco-conscious living.

Impeccable Craftsmanship by Certified Master Craftsmen:

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Our mattresses are meticulously handmade by certified master craftsmen, ensuring superior quality and attention to detail.

Height 15" – Ideal for Motion Bases and Perfect for Side Sleepers:

  • Tailored to Your Needs: With a height of 15 inches, our mattress is designed to work seamlessly with motion bases and is especially well-suited for side sleepers seeking optimal comfort.

Experience the epitome of comfort and support – discover our extraordinary mattress today!